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Our full name is Precision Contracting & Development, Inc. That's a mouthful though, so we just go by PCDI homes.  Welcome to our site. Here's a little about our history and us:


Pre-ci-sion (pr-s-zhn) n.  1.  The state or quality of being precise; exactness.


We are a licensed home builder. Our core area includes Southern Leavenworth County and stretches in the rest of Leavenworth County and into parts of Wyandotte, Douglas, and Johnson counties. We specialize in building homes in rural areas on acreage lots, but also build traditional homes in subdivisions.

We are design-build, which means that we will work one-on-one with you to design your custom floorplan. We also have our signature plans that we offer, which saves time with the design process and can still be customized. If you already have your plans, we can also build them. 


We have built homes ranging from traditional farmhouse style to contemporary homes to everything in between. Maybe you don’t want a farmhouse, but just want to incorporate elements into your new home like an apron-front sink, barn doors, or antiqued cabinets. We can do that. If you just want some rustic elements, like exterior cedar trusses, stone, and faux beams on the interior, we can do that. Do you need detached garage or outbuilding? We can do that too. With wooded rural lots, we can work with you to nestle your home right where you want it and keep some mature trees surrounding it as though your house was meant to be there.


We know that everyone’s budget it different and we are committed to working within your budget to making your dream of a new home a reality. We do our best to incorporate your design visions into a finished product that you will be happy with.


Our work is guaranteed and we ensure your satisfaction. We are relentless in gaining your satisfaction. There are many other builders out there and we appreciate that you have chosen us. TIME and MONEY are not something to waste, and we will not waste yours. We try hard to ensure our projects are completed in the amount of time and at the cost estimated to you.


We have heard many nightmare stories about past experiences of building a home, or even just picking out finishes on a spec home. Don't let your past experiences or those of others prevent you from considering building a new home. Our goal is to turn those nightmares into dream experiences one home at a time. We are very easy to get along with. You should never fear contacting your builder to ask questions to inquire about changes, and we won't charge you fees just for asking questions or meeting with us. We are supposed to be the experts; therefore, we don't expect you to be. We will make sure that you understand the process and decisions that you make.


There are many factors to our company that make us unique and combined together make your home building experience a good one. Building a new home involves making a lot of decisions. We have our own design center where you will get to make many of your selections at a private appointment. This limits the need to go to showroom after showroom and make selections with multiple different sales persons. You are able to see different styles and colors in person to ensure that your selections are all cohesive and work together. 


We also utilitize an online service that tracks your selections, allows you to upload pictures, ask questions, and keeps all of the information together in one place. There's also an app you can download for the service. This means that at any time, you can be assured that we know what your selections are. It also means that you can ask a question at any time without having to remember to ask the next time we meet, wait for a return phone call, or try to keep a bunch of e-mails sorted.


Another big factor that makes building a home with us a smooth project is our team. We have worked with most of our trade partners for years. They not only work very well with us, but with each other. While that may not seem like it would matter that much to you, trust us in knowing that it can make a world of difference. You will meet with many of our trade partners on site. We do customized on-site walks throughout the process to go through decisions in the space. This includes cabinetry, electrical, plumbing, and trim. These on site visits give you the ability to see how different components work together so little details like light switch placements, appliance layouts, and even showerhead heights are all based on your individual preferences. 


We also pride ourselves in giving you the best value for your money. A lot of items that are extras for many builders are included in our standard package. We are fixed priced and typically we get the construction loan financing. This takes away the stress of never knowing when the price will change or having to manage the construction loan. We will take a vacant piece of ground and turn it into your dream home - all infrastructure work included! 


Take a look around our website. For more information, just give us a call, click on the contact us link, or like us on Facebook.


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